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About Us

A new venture to showcase flexibility and timely arrangements of your travel requirements. The company is now ready to offer its manpower to any industries and companies that require services such as booking flights, hotel reservations, full board packages & corporate events. 

NEM Travel & Tours - NJOE MACUTAY

We feel obliged to introduced our new humble venture "NEM Travel and Tour" as an entity which takes care of any tour and travel requirement of its esteemed clients at global level.


It’s started last August 2017, NEM Travel and Tour will venture into a new geographic arena and making the utmost effort to make the best deal available to its clients.

Njoe Estrada Macutay Jr.

Why Book With Us

Best Assistance

Your time is important. When you choose

NEM Travel & Travel Tourism LLC

we dedicate time to organizing a

first-rate experience

using our regional knowledge,

so you can spend your own time

however you, please. And once you

are traveling, each day of your

personalized itinerary is set up

to be memorable.



Travel in confidence 

Plan your trip risk-free


A unique network,

sharing the destination

knowledge and experience

of our travel professionals.


We know your time is valuable,

so our team is committed to

providing you with the best travel

experience possible, from before

you book your holiday to

after your journey has ended.


Nem  it!!!


We want to make our clients their travel be fun, safe, economical, informative, comfortable and most of all memorable.

- To satisfy their needs particularly in their expected dates of travel and returns.

- To have more clients, bookings and especially sales.

Our Company Headquarters

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